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Tier 1 Educational Coaching and Consulting Services is the leading organization in the country at creating response to intervention (RTI) and problem solving (PS) models that integrate cultural values that have been associated with African-American culture.

We publish free resources for educators on step-by-step approaches to creating RTI and problem solving models that are culturally relevant for many African-American students, and students who come from culturally diverse backgrounds. Our models are rooted in solid theory and interventions are evidence-based.

All of our published work is directed at assisting teachers with the process of creating effective instructional strategies that integrate the cultural values, interests, and passions of their students.

Research is clear in that when educators create models that are culturally relevant, students are much more engaged behaviorally, emotionally, and cognitively. Although this is true, there are very few books and articles that show educators how to intermix RTI principles and African-American cultural values. Consequently, most educators are unsure of where to start with this process.

Our site publishes free books and articles that provide step-by-step strategies on how to create culturally relevant models. Browse our site and access our free book and articles today!

Professional Development Services 

We also provide an array of professional development services for school districts, services that will help teachers (1) increase engagement among all students, (2) build student-teacher relationships, and (3) inspire a passion for learning among their students.