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OUR MISSION is to help teachers increase engagement among all students (Engage), build relationships (Connect), and inspire a passion for learning (Inspire).

Research is clear in that positive “teacher-student relationships” lead to positive outcomes in the classroom. But an important question is, How are positive relationships developed?

The answer is: through engagement. Positive relationships do not develop without “doing something” to create them.

Thus, our mission is to help teachers engage, connect, and inspire by creating effective culturally responsive models, models that strengthen the quality of teacher-student relationships.

OUR VISION  is to increase academic, cognitive, and social-emotional performance among all students by engaging, connecting, and inspiring.

5 Core Beliefs

  1. Positive relationships are created in response to positive experiences (affective engagement) among teachers, parents, students, and community leaders.
  2. Students perform at their highest potential when presented with “appropriate instruction.” That is, instruction that is not only evidence-based, but also related to the cultural values, passions, learning styles, and interests of students.
  3. Positive teacher-student relationships develop when instruction is culturally responsive and engaging.
  4. Poor teacher-student relationships develop when students perceive instruction as boring and irrelevant to their passions and interests.
  5. Students are inspired to learn and pursue goals when they have meaningful experiences with instruction (engagement) and connect with positive adults (relationships) they believe have their best interests.

We provide free resources for teachers that will enhance their ability to engage, connect, and inspire their students in the classroom.

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