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Diagnosing Reading Disabilities Prior to RTI

In this video, Dwayne D. Williams talks about how school psychologists and educational team members diagnosed learning disabilities prior to using response to intervention (RTI). He talks about how 50% of students who were referred to special education services were...

Culturally Relevant RTI – Student Centered Instruction

In this video, Dwayne D. Williams discusses the importance of culturally relevant, student centered instruction and Tier 2 SEL groups. He explains that students often learn and function in environments that are dissimilar to their cultural environments. Although there...

Culturally Relevant Tier 2 Groups

In this presentation, Dwayne D. Williams trains social workers and school psychologists on the concept of culturally relevant social emotional learning groups. In this PD experience, he trains attendees on how to create hip hop social emotional learning groups. For...

Culturally Relevant RTI In this video, Dwayne D. Williams discusses culturally relevant RTI. Within the context of this discussion, Dwayne discusses how RTI should look with all students, including students who come from culturally diverse backgrounds, and...

Relationship Between Freestyling and Intelligence

Ever wonder how freestylists can make up such brilliant and authentic lines within seconds? This video discusses how freestyling requires abilities that are directly related to intelligence–or at least how psychologists define intelligence. One of the many things...

Why I was Retained in the First Grade In this video, Dwayne shares a story of when he was retained in the first grade. During this time, teachers did not provide assessments regularly and rarely progress monitored. Main Navigation About Services Consultants Resources Store...

Culturally Relevant RTI: Definition of Culture Part 2

Dwayne D. Williams speaks at the Illinois Association of School Social Workers conference on the topic of Culturally Relevant Response to Intervention (RTI). This discussion is part 2 of an eight part series. In this workshop, Dwayne talks about culturally relevant models, and explain that, one of the most important components of these models is understanding myths that are related to race and culture. He addresses the myths related to race and culture, including believing that “all” African-American students come from “Black” culture; the myth of Essentialism

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