Culturally Responsive SEL Supports

Culturally Responsive SEL Supports

Years ago I trained practitioners on the importance of creating culturally relevant social emotional learning (SEL) supports for culturally diverse learners. The training was a huge success. Here’s why— After the session, practitioners approached me and shared the...

Mindset and Paradigms

The most successful groups I have run as a school psychologist are “Hip Hop Social Emotional Learning” (SEL) groups. I cannot express on paper how powerful these groups are at getting students to learn content and process social emotional learning...

Self-Awareness & Racial Identity

In the song, I Am Not My Hair, India Arie shares her experiences with finding her identity throughout development. Initially, she defined herself by her hair. Because her hair defined her, she curled it, permed it, and did many things to it to make herself feel more...

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