Culturally Relevant Tier 2 Groups

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Hip Hop Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Tier 2 and Tier 3 Groups

Most social workers and school psychologists would agree that it is often difficult to get unmotivated and avoidant learners—or Tier II and Tier III students—engaged in social emotional learning (SEL) groups. Because this is true, Tier I Education trains educators and other direct service providers on how to create effective culturally relevant SEL groups and programs. Culturally relevant SEL programs integrate social emotional learning standards with the cultural values of students to increase engagement in the classroom and within groups.

In the video that is present on this page, middle and high school males of color came together from various parts of Chicago. Although  many of the students did not know each other, they were impressively engaged during the session on social emotional learning. It was Dwayne’s first time meeting the students, but they all engaged with each other as if they had known one another well.

How did Dwayne get them to engage with each other and with the curriculum? Well, he began with their culture. If you struggle to increase engagement among students of color, begin with their culture.

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