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At Tier 1, we provide step-by-step training on how to create models that increase engagement among culturally diverse learners. We share exactly what teachers must know and do in order to create culturally responsive instruction and groups.

It was the German psychologist Kurt Lewin who said, “There is nothing more practical than good theory.” What Kurt meant by this is that all good practice comes from theory that has been researched and shown effective. While some trainers focus either on theory or application only, we believe that, to become culturally responsive, we must have solid knowledge of theory and understand how to apply evidence-based strategies in the classroom across grade levels and tiers. We also believe that, more than anything else, culturally responsiveness is a mindset in that when educators become culturally competent, they can modify instruction within the classroom to meet the cultural needs of all students. The model that we use at Tier 1 is based on 5 levels (as articulated in Williams, 2015), that begins with awareness: becoming aware of the role culture plays in engagement, learning, and establishing relationships; this level of the model also addresses the importance of becoming aware of our own cultural values, and how our values may clash with the cultural values of our students.

Our training will

  • boost your knowledge surrounding culturally responsive models;
  • increase your ability to align culturally responsive instruction/interventions with state standards;
  • enhance your knowledge of scientific research-based interventions that have been shown to increase engagement among culturally diverse learners;
  • strengthen your ability to engage parents of color within your RTI/MTSS framework;
  • increase your knowledge of how to use community resources—including local organizations and churches—as Tier 2 and Tier 3 supports;
  • enhance your relationships with culturally diverse learners—and more!

Consultants with Tier 1

Consultants at Tier 1 are unique in that they do not focus only on theory when training teachers, administrators, community leaders, and parents on culturally responsive models. Rather, consultants are practitioners, teachers, and administrators who have years of experience applying culturally responsive approaches in classrooms and groups.  Consultants pride themselves in working in the education system and staying abreast to the many challenges that teachers and administrators experience daily while providing instruction and supporting all students.

Book Dwayne D. Williams

Book Dwayne D. Williams for your next training, and learn what you must do to boost engagement among all students!

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