Tier 1 provides a wealth of services to help parents provide the best educational experiences for their children in the classroom. We provide educational coaching services for students to help them develop socioemotional learning (SEL) skills and build confidence needed for success. In addition to providing socioemotional coaching, we provide

  • independent evaluations—including academic achievement, IQ (cognitive), and socioemotional testing;
  • bilingual assessments for students who speak English as a second language;
  • consultation for parents on student learning styles and how to use the cognitive strengths of students to improve academic performance;
  • consultation on special education services and laws;
  • kindergarten readiness services;
  • 504 advocacy for students—including when and why students should consider a 504 Plan if they have a mental, physical, and/or emotional illness;
  • special education advocacy for children—including working alongside parents to help them understand when to consider a screening for special education services; how students become eligibility for special education services; understand the meaning of “adverse” impact on academic performance; why students who have a clinical diagnosis may not qualify for an IEP, according to special education law—and more.

Our services are all about helping parents navigate the school experience and helping students receive needed services that level the playing field. If you are interested in our services, or feel that your child is not receiving a free and appropriate education (FAPE)—a level playing field—contact us today! Our special education consultants and evaluators are either licensed school psychologists, clinical psychologists, or director of special education—who also work in public school systems.

Consultants with Tier 1 adhere to Illinois law surrounding independent evaluations and school-based services.  It is important to note that we do not engage in clinical practices and do not diagnose disabilities according to the DSM-5. All of our services, including evaluations, are culturally responsive and rooted in school-based practices. In addition, evaluations and services are aligned with  Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, 2004 (IDEA-2004), which is the most current special education law.

We consider best practices surrounding engagement and achievement in the classroom. We are not a psychiatric agency. We do provide “coaching” to help students development social and emotional skills that lead to success, but we do not  provide “counseling” or “therapy.”

Contact us today to learn the difference between counseling, therapy, and coaching.