“Throughout the decades, many psychologists have proposed that we have very little direct control of our emotions, but the pathway of personal transformation is to change how we think, how we choose, and what we believe. Dwayne’s book and content knowledge of these principles apply directly to our development and life in God, and I am thankful for his intensive and important endeavor in exposing a paradigm for discipleship through the development of our mind’s conscience. When we choose to respond in faith and believe in the truth while submitting to the power of the Holy Spirit, healing and deliverance occur unto the renewal of our minds. I commend Dwayne’s book as a true treasury filled with unlocked revelation and insight into the frame of man as body, soul, and spirit- and how we can continue to make progress with our life flow in the Man Christ Jesus. We are living in a generation where drastic measures are needed in order for lovers of truth operating in power and love to emerge; these ones will contend against the tides of darkness, depths of deceitfulness, and heights of falsehood. Dwayne is a burning and shining lamp that presents a clarion call to the Body of Christ to become renewed by the truth and receive personal transformation. Let us agree with the Person of Truth Himself and experientially know the freedom that comes when we cultivate a heavenly thought life, in the glistening hope of the everlasting Gospel, aligned with the Word of Life. I am thankful for men like Dwayne that have mined for this treasure over years of personal experiences and seasons in the Lord, such that we can glean from him. Read this important work, apply knowledge with instruction, and receive your revival! Hallelujah.

Deepak Santhiraj, Licensed Clinical Social Worker”