“For I delight in the law of God according to the inward man. As Dwayne Williams notes in his published work, Human Behavior from a Spiritual Perspective, Williams draws on the notion of developing from a spiritual perspective, which many believers struggle with daily. The most important feature Williams draws readers to is living through Christ’s work at the cross, but Williams also places an emphasis on a simple concept of creating habits, which formulate our daily rituals. In order to be in God’s presence, Christians must accept Christ as their Savior; we must also create environments or habits for the purpose of developing our minds to connect with Godly principles and to live according to His word. For example, Williams explains that when we as Christians create habits that invest in our spiritual development from the perspective of understanding the work of Christ during his crucification, our God will sanctify our minds, which allows us to develop behaviors to improve interactions with others, develop positive imagines of self, and develop the internal traits necessary to build the Kingdom of God.

Shaylon Walker, MA Education”