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Boosting Engagement Among Culturally Diverse Learners
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Using SEL competencies as both a framework and toolkit to interrogate beliefs and attitudes, and then to prepare for culturally sustaining and antiracist education.


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  • An RTI Guide to Improving The Performance of African-American Students

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  • Like Music To My Ears – New Edition



“In the 7 years I have been going to this conference, Dwayne’s presentation was the BEST I have ever attended. He is amazingly engaging with insightful, relevant and actionable information. I was blown away and can’t wait to apply what I have learned. In fact, I learned more about being culturally relevant in 3 short hours with Dwayne than I did in 3 very long years in a graduate program. Bravo, Mr. Williams! You have educated a pasty white Irishman (no small accomplishment).”

Dan O’Rourke

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Culturally Responsive SEL Supports

Culturally Responsive SEL Supports

Years ago I trained practitioners on the importance of creating culturally relevant social emotional learning (SEL) supports for culturally diverse learners. The training was a huge success. Here’s why— After the session, practitioners approached me and...

Begin With Their Culture

Boosting Engagement Among Culturally Diverse Learners



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