Like Music To My Ears (Student Edition):


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    A Hip-Hop Approach to Social Emotional Learning

    The author of this book:
    • was held back in elementary school because he couldn’t read
    • lived in housing projects as a kid
    • received “food stamps” for weekly allowance
    • was homeless
    • got into many fights in middle and high school
    • earned a “1-point something” GPA
    • obtained a whopping “15” on his ACT

    This same author:
    • graduated from high school
    • earned an associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree, and 2 master’s degrees
    • is a school psychologist and success coach
    • started his own business—and earned close to $30,000 within 30 hours
    • published 4 books
    • receives requests from professors to ghostwrite books
    • trains teachers on how to make learning fun for all students

    This author is Dwayne D. Williams, and in this book, he shares his powerful story of overcoming poverty and academic failure—and explains just what you must do to experience success with achieving every goal you create!


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